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Hi and welcome to the System One blog, here we are proud to give you the latest news in the world of Polishing surfaces to an absolute perfect shine.

…a little about our history:

System One Australia was formed in 2001 to supply the South Pacific and Asian region with the worlds original single polish, three pad polishing system. In 2009 System One Australia joined with Xpert Products USA to launch the latest technology in Polishing, the Xpert Pro Polish System. Along the way we have helped everyone fromĀ  local body shops and detailers to industry giants such as PPG Industries to bring your vehicle the “absolute perfect shine”.

System One Polish
"System One Originals"

…and today we are:

Part of the Xpert Group and are proud to bring you our polish in its original formula. Xpert knows System One has a loyal following and is happy to make available the Original Formula alongside ite newer high technology polishes, waxes and cleaners.

Stay tuned, and join our newsletter as we bring you all the latest news on giving your car, boat or aircraft an “absolute perfect shine”.

Happy Polishing! …

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