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Clean Air in our cars

Comfortable Driving…Keep the Air clean and fresh (air quality)

Xpert Mercedes
Clean Cabin = Better Driving

You know what? I am freakish in wanting air circulating in the environment I am in. I don’t know about you but just having a nice clean breath of fresh air flowing around me just feels comfortable. Summer breeze?, yes maybe, but in a car while driving, I find it refreshing and its all about comfort = performance¬† right?

One of the things that we need to look at is the air quality. On most modern cars there are things called “pollen filters” or “cabin filters”. these keep the microscopic nasties from entering the vent system. You can have these changed and the costs are minimal, but the quality in air is then improved before it reaches the cabin vent system, keeping it all nice and clean.

Which leads us to the vent outlets themselves, these are easy to keep clean with a brush and a vacuum or air duster. Get yourself a couple of long bristle brushes (a soft and a medium should be fine, and girls a blush or foundation brush work great) and simply brush the vents while vacuuming. Real easy and you can brush the crevices in around the dash too. give the whole dash and steering wheel/controls a wipe over with a lighlty dampened chamois or microfiber cloth and away we go.

Happy Polishing!!