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Xpert Products, Innovation and Quality

What are the strengths of  Xpert’s product range?

Engineering, design and innovation…

As a company, Xpert products has a few things in its favour, one is the fact we have cradle to grave control on our products, i.e. we control how they look, feel and most importantly, get the job they are designed for done.

Many factors contribute to an product being launched for market use, at Xpert we firstly ask the question is there a need, and if so, what demands are there, and in which markets?, This process is one where we choose to recognise our core market of vehicle refinishing and maintenance firstly. Other markets are then considered and by elimination we build what we call a “product scenario”. This is our “dreaming room”.

Engineering of the said product begins with consultation of our “real world testers and chemists” to define an end vision of what the product should look, feel and behave like. Samples are built and shipped to “testing centres” for evaluation and feedback supplied to the engineering team. Here we create a base level formula and this is then fine tuned through innovation levels and more testing, to finally deliver a product that exceeds even our own expectations in a wide range of climates and environments.

Packaging is kept to basics to represent our commitment to product quality and not be slaves to the marketing hype, that surrounds and hides a lot of sub standard overly marketed products.

Our team has a commitment to delivering the best finish possible and of course for that to happen you have to start at the beginning, i.e. corrective polishes that leave a finish absolutely perfect, before you apply any protective coating. Of course this eliminates the need for “fillers and other non essential ingredients” in the formula. Simple and clean is always best.

We believe in making the worlds finest polishes waxes and cleaners, we recommend using one of our recommended detailers for application, those with a vision we created…”An Absolute Perfect Shine”

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Happy Polishing

The Xpert Team

Clean Air in our cars

Comfortable Driving…Keep the Air clean and fresh (air quality)

Xpert Mercedes
Clean Cabin = Better Driving

You know what? I am freakish in wanting air circulating in the environment I am in. I don’t know about you but just having a nice clean breath of fresh air flowing around me just feels comfortable. Summer breeze?, yes maybe, but in a car while driving, I find it refreshing and its all about comfort = performance  right?

One of the things that we need to look at is the air quality. On most modern cars there are things called “pollen filters” or “cabin filters”. these keep the microscopic nasties from entering the vent system. You can have these changed and the costs are minimal, but the quality in air is then improved before it reaches the cabin vent system, keeping it all nice and clean.

Which leads us to the vent outlets themselves, these are easy to keep clean with a brush and a vacuum or air duster. Get yourself a couple of long bristle brushes (a soft and a medium should be fine, and girls a blush or foundation brush work great) and simply brush the vents while vacuuming. Real easy and you can brush the crevices in around the dash too. give the whole dash and steering wheel/controls a wipe over with a lighlty dampened chamois or microfiber cloth and away we go.

Happy Polishing!!