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Starting with an “Absolute Perfect Finish”

Sounds strange doesn’t it, I mean starting with a perfect finish. Isn’t that the outcome we are chasing?
What we are asking here is, “how good is the finish you need before applying protection?”

Let me explain:

Some products sold, especially those sold as easy to apply and giving fantastic results, actually have oils and fillers in them to make the surface look lustrous and appear to remove scratches and blemishes, however these are only an artificial cover up and because the outside surfaces of your vehicle are just that, outside, they usually lose these types of coatings fairly quickly and tend to look sad and tired, and in some cases worse than before.

So what we look to do is bring a surface to it’s absolute best before applying protection, and this then  allows couple of things to happen;

  1. The protective coatings (be it a wax or sealant) can be void of these heavy filling agents and are then able to contain much more of the active protective agent/s in the formula, with out being affected by a greasy looking coating applied. This in itself allows for a sharper and more natural finish to be obtained.
  2. If the sacrificial Wax coating or sealant is not maintained and wears off, your finish looks exactly the same as when you started, i.e. “an absolute perfect finish”
  3. Your Shine and definition of image (doi) doesn’t change when applying the sealant, so the natural shine of the paint remains the same and the car looks a lot more “even” to the eye. (This is important when presenting for shows or for display, as the car generally looks sharper and cleaner if this is the case).
  4. A note here that Xpert does not contain any “fillers” in its polishes and our sealants and waxes have some of the highest content of active ingredients available, give them a try and see the difference.
Take a look at the video below and note the swirls and surface marring that are left  after the “fillers” in the waxes and coatings have washed out,  It’s pretty unsightly to the eye…